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Propel the rebranding project ‘MAS Athena,’ which “Inspires Change,” towards learning and development for continuous improvement. While creating a strong mind-schema, MAS Athena positions itself as a collaborative knowledge hub focused on transforming human capital. MAS Athena further explores a multitude of affiliations that create vivid learning & development opportunities through collaboration.


Content writing and conceptualizing design for the official website of “MAS Fabric Park”, which is Sri Lanka’s first privately owned apparel-intensive free trade zone. Its operations focus primarily on the development and value addition of fabrics.


Holds overall accountability for contributing towards the top-line growth of MAS Athena while sustaining L&D strategic marketing relationships with foreign & domestic clientele.

Photoshoots, design & execution of promotional campaigns, PR, and other marketing efforts across social media, email, short video series & newsletters.


B2B and B2C marketing initiatives were developed in order to offer a customized L&D experience and to create E2E visibility by interacting with clients on websites, social media, and cloud-based booking platforms.


Worked with the Nike WHQ team & lean mentors to develop & design an e-learning platform for lean 2.0, not limited to program modules. Including user guides, training curriculum, assessments, surveys, video making & alumni engagement fraternity.


Completion of 3D models, and graphic presentations of MAS holdings projects. Lead the design & development of lean projects for Adidas & communication materials for MAS Holdings, NIKE & Adidas.


Leading the MAS ‘Powerplay’ outward-bound training team to improve the collaboration skills of corporate teams by completing challenging, team-focused, low-risk active involvement.

Organize ‘Park Circle’ community engagement events such as movie nights, open mic sessions, talk shows, ‘Park Run’ running events, sports tournaments, and BBQ dinners for building an influential society across MAS Fabric Park.